Netwav received a request from a county jail to help them track the activities of prisoners for their Jail Management System (JMS). This was being tracked using a pad and paper in the past.

Their JMS will track activities such as prisoner ID, action, and movement from location to location.

We created an application using the OPN2004 batch scanner that will allow the users to scan the prisoners’ movements throughout their facility. The users would begin the process by capturing the prisoner ID followed by scanning prescribed codes for theparticular activity, and automatically adding a Time and Date record.

The application also prevents an incorrect scan or one out of order due tothe step by step guidelines. The final output is a text file received seamlessly into the JMS, eliminating the need for any written tracking system and saving time and money.

As the OPN2004 has a two year warranty and is programmable for a particular set of parameters and output, it is certainly an affordable solution.

We can offer evaluation units to test one in your environment!