NetWAV is a great resource for creating, printing and capturing scanned codes and using them in your legacy systems.


We are a proud partner and direct distributor for Seagull Scientific. We offer their superior label design and creation software for single user licenses or corporate-wide networked printing systems. For a FREE 30 day trial, click on the logo or click here


We can capture using:

  • Tethered scanners directly to your workstation
  • Bluetooth scanners to a “mated” device, either PC or iOS based
  • Batched collected data to be uploaded later
  • WiFi “real-time” data collection to a waiting database. We can send your collected files via the Internet or email as well.


We also offer the complete suite of applications from Red Beam Corporation:

  • Inventory Control
  • Asset Tracking
  • Check-in Check-out

Contact us for more information.



Finally, we create custom collection applications using your specification for all portable devices, be it for Android, iOS or Windows-based devices. We help you outline the best process for your users and develop the application from there.

Please give us a call to define the best process for your company!