Our customers come to us with a concept.

We ask:

What size label will be best?

Does it need to be durable?

Does it need to be removable?

Will it be used in an outside environment?

Does it need to be multi-colored?

Is the surface flat or does the material need to be flexible?

Will you need to add additional data to the labels before use?

NetWAV uses these specifications to design the best solution, such as custom sizing, as we do for a national jewelry chain’s barbell and retail jewelry tags. Or it might require we create UV Flexographic multi-colored labels that appear on products or flexible wraps in many material types. We also provide particulate-free labels to the Semiconductor industry and small parts labeling that survive wave solder and alcohol wipe down.

Some industries we service:

Food Industries

Health and Nutraceuticals

Household Chemicals

Jewelry labels

Metal Fabrication


Petrochemical / Drilling Rigs

Promotional Items

Redeemable Coupons

Small Parts labeling

Semi-conductor / Cleanroom Labels

Warehouse / Inventory tags

From the initial design, we, in tandem with our customer, craft handsome labels that are available and with a short lead time. Once a design has been approved, we build to suit.

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