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Not enough memory. Update now or later?

These are two phrases we see all the time on our mobile consumer devices and an excellent reason to use a dedicated barcode scanner for delivery tracking.

Studies are finding that many communication devices are engineered not to last.

So, what do we do if we need a device that’s reliable and efficient for our delivery operations needs?

Simple. Choose a workhorse versus a racehorse so that we don’t end up paying a whole lot more in money and time.

Here are the top 5 reasons why using dedicated barcode data collectors can be more reliable and less expensive than consumer devices for industrial tracking applications.

How Mobile Scanners Simplify Delivery Operations

Delivery operations have been relying on mobile consumer devices on a more consistent basis. Using data plan bandwidth instead of always relying on WiFi service, consumer devices have gained a bit more traction. While delivering products, there is a host of apps and programs that have been extremely convenient to use on a consumer device.

Our iPhones, Androids, Galaxies, and 3G or LTE enabled tablets have become the usual go-to for fulfilling delivery operations. However, those devices are not designed for the rigorous usage required for package tracking, as an example.

Portable barcode scanners are dependable, reliable, and rugged. Here’s why these devices far outweigh consumer devices when it comes to effective and efficient delivery operations.

1. Easy To Use

Sure. Mobile consumer devices have apps that allow for barcode scanning. However, those camera-based images are not reliable and have a tendency to let us down when used consistently.  A dedicated portable scanner utilizes a built in durable barcode scan head for either one or two dimensional barcodes.

Whether we’re in the field or in the office, we need to process information quickly and easily. Using a consumer device such as a smartphone or tablet can, sometimes, make that happen. But, we all know the frustration of the annoying frozen application or notice of necessary updates.

When delivering products or accounting for inventory, we don’t have time to update an app or confirm a purchase to use that app. We need our device to work on demand anytime and all the time.

Cordless barcode scanners and opticon scanners can help streamline our delivery processes with ease.

Consumer Device vs Barcode Scanner

What happens when a consumer device meets a relatively long 1D or 2D barcode? Chaos.

If we try to use our phones or tablets to scan these codes, we can’t scan the entire code. It’s too long or too big for the screen to read. Plus, scanning on our devices means that we have to store the information. Then, we have to compose an email or message to send that information to a computer.

A barcode scanner, on the other hand, cuts out the digital middleman. Using lasers or imagers, the scanner can quickly capture and store or send the barcode information to the required database.  This, combined with a user-friendly prompting sequence, makes it a simple process to collect data needed and either store it for later upload or transmit it real-time to a waiting server or legacy system.

Beat that, Apple and Samsung!

2. Help With Organization

Deliveries are supposed to be two things: fast and efficient.

We can’t rely on devices that are meant to multitask and perform a hundred different jobs. We need a device that has one sole purpose – scan and go.

When delivering products, we need something that will do a handful of necessary things in one simple scan. Barcode scanners optimize delivery operations with automatic data collection solutions. This keeps information and data organized and streamlined without the need for additional work or processes.

3. Longer Battery Life

Not only were some devices exploding while in use, but many consumer devices can’t hold a battery. When using an app that takes a lot of storage, the battery life can run out within a few short hours.

Relying on dedicated portable barcode scanners to do their job will eliminate the battery problem as they are designed to be used continuously then placed into a cradle at the end of a shift.  Some will allow a hot-swap for a fresh battery even during the data collection process, keeping data flowing to its destination.

Ensuring that delivery operations run smoothly means that we don’t have time to wait for a device to recharge.

4. Safer Tracking

If you or someone you know has spent any time in a hospital recently, then you know about the dependency and necessity of barcode scanners in the healthcare industry.

Using these scanners, patients can rest easy knowing that their personal information and their medical information are tracked with the highest in efficiency.

However, the healthcare industry is not the only industry to rely on the tried-and-true services that a barcode scanner can offer. Industrial, logistics, delivery, retail, hospitality, ticketing, and a number of other industries consistently rely on scanners.

5. Fast And Efficient

Not only are these barcode scanners a more cost-effective solution, but they are extremely fast and efficient.

Many companies that needed to store data during delivery operations were lured by smartphones and tablets. However, these consumer devices became outdated and obsolete after a few years.

Companies would need to restock their delivery teams with new phones/tablets every few years. Further, the apps used on those devices would very rarely work on the new, updated devices.

Portable data collectors are reliable.  They can stand the test of time and still provide an efficient way to store data for many years.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The use of consumer devices and barcode scanners for delivery services have one thing in common – they are used to increase the bottom line of services and revenue.

However, barcode scanners are consistently coming out as the victors when it comes to efficiency, efficacy, and reliability. Don’t find yourself needing to wait for an update to get work done.

Find a scanner that can make your life easier and your work more consistent and reliable. Check out which scanners can fulfill every request for streamlining your data management.

Have questions about choosing the right scanner for your company or business needs? Need a simple custom application for that task?  Ask an expert. You need a knowledgeable company that can help you scan your options and answer your questions.

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