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Getting ready for the holiday season is stressful, especially in warehouses and shipping. As holiday orders roll in, warehouses see an increased need for quick and accurate work. This is not the time for poor labor practices or shoddy business practices.

To keep up with the demand, most businesses have to on-board seasonal talent. Unfortunately, this opens your warehouse up to complications. New hires have to learn the ins and outs of your warehouse floor, scanner/scanning system, and the middle of the holiday rush isn’t the best time for that.

So how can you make sure your seasonal workers are up to speed? We’ll take you through the four best practices for getting your new hires trained quickly.

Start Early

If it’s early November and you haven’t done your new hiring, you are behind the game.

Get started on seasonal hiring early. New hires don’t need to start right away, but by giving yourself plenty of time, you can ensure that you have the time to train them properly and get your business ready for the influx of new talent.

Know Your Demographics

Who are you going to be hiring? If you are in a college town, you may have a wealth of potential seasonal workers with college kids looking to earn some extra cash.

By knowing your area and who your likely hires are going to be, you can ensure that you are marketing your open positions effectively. What does this have to do with training? Well, everything.

This relates to starting early. By making your hiring campaign as effective as possible, you are ensuring that you can get the hiring out of the way and the training begins long before the holiday rush begins.

Do Maintenance

You know that scanner that you have to press just the right way to make it scan outgoing shipments correctly? You know how to do it, your workers know how to do it.

But your seasonal workers? They may have no idea.

Before your seasonal workers ever set foot in your warehouse, you should be taking stock to make sure your process is as streamlined as possible. Do you need new scanners? Do you need to supplement your existing inventory management system?

Walk through your warehouse now and streamline your layout, making it as intuitive as possible. Focus on improving efficiency and safety and ease of training when new hires arrive.

Think about the things in your business that you and your long-time employees work around. Maybe they are small glitches in the system or small inconsistencies in your routine. You and your long-timers know these things and can work around them.

But new hires are going to find those things confusing and complicated. It’s going to trip them up and render training more complex and difficult.

Find ways to streamline your processes now, before new hires walk through your warehouse doors.

Train as a Group

There is no legitimate reason to train new hires individually. You know they are all starting with zero knowledge, so training them as a group just makes good sense.

It saves time and gives new hires the opportunity to reinforce one another’s learning. You are also ensuring that training is consistent.

Rather than having new hires shadow older ones and risking miscommunicated or conflicting information, training everyone at once ensures that the same info is relayed to every single new hire in the same way.

The same goes your training new hires on your scanners/scanning systems. You will want to run them through the basic operations and inventory tracking procedures for your warehouse. This can save you a headache of errors made and the holiday aftermath.

Seasonal workers are a stressful necessity when it comes to the holidays. As you get ready to hire yours, take into account what you need to make your training as easy and stress-free as possible.

And for help making the process even simpler, contact us today!

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