The Zebra MC-3300, A Durable Multi-Faceted Portable Data Collector

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Part # MC330M-GI4HG2US

Introducing the Zebra MC-3300 durable multi-faceted portable data collector!   MULTIPLE FORM FACTORS How can you get greater productivity, efficiency and comfort from a mobile computer? Pick up the new Zebra MC3300. The Zebra MC3300 can be configured four ways – pistol-grip, turret with rotating head, straight shooter 0o scan and 45º scan – giving you… Read more »

H-27 Android Device

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So, your warehouse workers need a tool to extend their reach to give management a faster picture of what inventory is in stock, where it is and how to ship to the customer. The Opticon H-27 Android mobile device offers a compact, yet rugged design that is ideal for today’s mobile workforce performing a variety… Read more »

7 Reasons Your Warehouse Team Needs a Barcode Scanning System

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Warehouse inventory management is expensive and full of risk to your business. Inefficiencies in your warehouse lead to added costs and fulfillment problems. But state-of-the-art equipment like a portable barcode scanner can increase inventory visibility and provide fast return on the investment. The digital supply chain is already revolutionizing logistics. Cloud and mobile technologies have… Read more »

Choose the Right Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Your Printer

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It’s official: barcode technology is evolving in a major way. From finding you and your company better ways to track your inventory, to helping you to paint a more complete picture of your patient in the healthcare industry, the barcode market has exploded in recent years. So, if you’re considering purchasing all the latest in… Read more »

The Role of Barcode Technology in Healthcare

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Every day, we see hundreds of barcodes. Whether they’re on products at the grocery store, the mall, or even in our refrigerator, barcodes have become ubiquitous. Obviously, we have been using barcodes for a long time. But recent developments in barcode technology have created new options for the healthcare industry. These developments have the potential… Read more »

7 Reasons People Love Barcode Scanning

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Are there processes in your company that are needlessly time-consuming, old-fashioned, or just plain awkward? Investing in a barcode system is an excellent way to increase efficiency in your company. You’ll experience a whole host of benefits, from less human error to easier inventory management. While traditional barcode systems have been around since 1969, new… Read more »

Creative Ways To Use Barcodes

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Barcoding concepts have grown significantly since their debut, so it pays to consider the latest methodology when implementing a system. Before, the barcode appeared as a rectangle full of parallel lines. They contained a small amount of information within their varying line thickness and spacing. This form of the system is now referred to as… Read more »