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Warehouse inventory management is expensive and full of risk to your business. Inefficiencies in your warehouse lead to added costs and fulfillment problems. But state-of-the-art equipment like a portable barcode scanner can increase inventory visibility and provide fast return on the investment.

The digital supply chain is already revolutionizing logistics. Cloud and mobile technologies have become realities for enterprise businesses. But not all technological advantages are a part of IT infrastructure.

Businesses need great technology at the ground level as well. This includes connected capabilities like mobile solutions that expand inventory operations. Don’t overlook unique hardware that can help streamline inventory management as well.

Automated data collection (ADC) is more than an emerging technology. It’s part of a growing innovation adoption curve. Let’s review how a portable scanning system can help deliver business growth for you.

How Might a Portable Scanning System Work?

Some portables are simply “batch” devices, which capture scans, then are uploaded at a later time or end of shift.  Others are powerful, real time data collectors tapping into a warehouse software application via WiFi.

A portable scanner can do many necessary operations for the user. Let’s outline a few.

When stock is received at the back dock, the portable could be used as a receiving tool.  It could do a lookup on the PO number or other identifier to receive what was received and just as importantly,  track what was NOT.  Many of these scanners can also capture a picture of a package that may have arrived either damaged or incomplete.

Using a simple program, we can walk the user thru a pick, as an example.  By either downloading a pick list or capturing a file of the next desired pick using WiFi, the users will know exactly what to do as their next task.

Another great use is for inventory management.  The portable allows users to capture stock counts quickly to provide greater visibility of stock availability.  It can also determine exactly what may need to be re-ordered using data from the legacy system.

Netwav can advise users which system might be the best and why, as well as offer warehouse management software and customized applications for the portable devices.


7 Benefits Your Warehouse Can’t Do Without

These are all great features. But what makes an Opticon scanner right for your business?

Every business has different warehouse needs. These devices help you manage your core requirements and more. Check out these seven advantages for streamlining your warehouse operations.

1. Greater Speed with Fewer Errors

Automating warehouse solutions lowers operational costs. Automation and machine learning prevent human errors and inefficiencies as well.

By programming, we can make Opticon scanners read labels at unbelievable speeds with no errors. Integrating them with your warehouse management system accelerates data entry. And integrated software helps you manage a variety of data types as well.

Another benefit is the data delivery speeds you provide to customers. Modern customers demand real-time visibility into fulfillment processes. An Opticon scanner helps you capture that information for customers at every stage.

Now you have greater efficiency in the warehouse and happier customers. This is how scanners from Opticon begin to drive business value.

2. Increase Mobility Across the Supply Chain

Opticon scanners come in several varieties. Stationary scanners are ideal for processes that integrate scanning. They lend themselves to an automated process where merchandise is moving quickly.

Two of the best types of scanners are handheld devices and mobile computers. Handheld devices integrate virtually with your warehouse management system. They give your team greater efficiency during hands-on operations.

Mobile computers also make your staff more capable and efficient. They provide even greater functionality as well. According to Opticon, they provide “an entire solution in a single product.”

They use GPS to help you to track team members across any geography. They can provide real-time data transfer from a distance as well. They give your staff unlimited range to carry out tasks and complement your central warehouse operations.

3. Remove Manual Processes

Too many companies remove manual processes in only marketing or sales. But innovative companies are now optimizing processes from the ground up. That means your competitors are increasing efficiencies in warehouse management.

Some warehouses assign employees to manual input that takes 25% or more of their work time. Opticon barcode scanners remove that obligation. That’s because data transfer is instant, freeing up staff for better types of work.

4. Improve Inventory Efficiency

Companies lose money when they fail to keep track of inventory. This leads to overstock and wasted money. It can also lead to outages and unsatisfied customers.

Barcode scanners enable your technology, processes, and staff to be more efficient. Implement Opticon scanners and you’ll have total visibility into your inventory.

You’ll be one step closer to an ideal inventory. Maintaining and ordering only what you need is the most cost-efficient way to manage a warehouse. You’ll have just enough to fulfill orders and replenish stock.

This lowers warehouse management costs. It provides a safer, more enjoyable environment for your staff as well.

5. Better Manage Your Staff

An Opticon barcode scanner is great for inventory. It helps you measure the time and productivity of your staff as well.

If each scanner is assigned to a staff member, you can track his or her activity throughout the day. You can also use data from your scanner to track payroll. The timespan between activation and shutdown can flow right into hourly pay calculations.

6. Optimize Data Processes

Sometimes employees feel they don’t have enough information to do their jobs. You may have encountered this problem before.

Barcode scanners provide your team with all the data they need. They can anticipate inventory load size and prepare accordingly. They’ll know exactly what equipment to use for new shipments as well.

Opticon barcode scanners pick up enough information so that your team can anticipate workload. For example, an Opticon barcode scanner will inform your team of total order sizes. This allows them to select the right packaging and storage space for the load.

When repeated, you save on packing supplies and time lost trying to find storage for unexpected sizes.

7. Generate Business Value

Warehouse management has a broad impact on overall business success. Your marketing teams need instant inventory data as they manage customer demand. Your customer service team will need instant access to shipping data while on customer calls.

Inefficiencies in these areas can lead to wait times or even lost sales. But combining Opticon barcode scanners with cross-channel inventory management software can keep your whole business running smoothly.

Choose the Right Partner for Your Business

The Opticon barcode scanner should be one component of your overall warehouse solution. Broader solutions integrate multiple devices and technologies to optimize your whole operation. You can partner with experts to get customized solutions for your company.

Contact netWAV to get started with your own customized solution. We’ll deliver the software and technologies you need to drive value for your business.


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